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[tlaplus] Re: How to obtain the value in a function

Since this sort of value comparison across possible steps isn't something you can really do in TLA+ (other than trivially - you've hardcoded the values of these steps so you can also hardcode the comparison of "deny" = "allow", which would of course be false) the issue is with how you've chosen to model your desired behavior. What are you trying to do?


On Monday, July 26, 2021 at 6:35:33 AM UTC-4 chero...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:


In the above statements, i need to compare the values of effect in statement1 and effect in statement2. I am learning TLA+ and would like to know the equivalent of Statement1[effect] in TLA+ (I need to return the value allow so that i can compare with  effect in Statement2)

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