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[tlaplus] Re: Two translation and annotations work

Oh also - if you have time please do email me at andrew.helwer@xxxxxxxxx, I have some questions about possibly supporting Chinese character sets in TLA+.

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 6:36:14 PM UTC-4 hua...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

These days, I tried best do some translation and annotation work with the ACTION of
  [ ] (<> <<Introduce TLA to China research community>> ) \/ ( <> [ ] No Time))

I finished two pdf, which I feel are important ones for beginners before going read the 1994's seminal TLA ACM paper.

1st: Introduction to TLA. (Lamport, 1994)
2nd: Safety, Liveness and Fairness. (Lamport, 2019)

Wish my non-profit/educational work do good to the community! 

Michael AT California

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