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[tlaplus] How to write my operator which can be used in TLA+

In my work, I want to enumerate all possible event structure satisfying partial order.
However, if we write TLA+ like this:
PartialOrderSubset(s) ==
    LET rels == SUBSET (s \X s)
    IN {po \in rels : IsStrictPartialOrder(po, s)}
We should enumerate  all subsets, it's time costing. So I'd like to define my operator by Java and override it. I forked this repository and writes my implementation. See Update PartialOrderExt

And then, I built my CommunityModules-deps.jar and added it to TLC's or the Toolbox's TLA+ library path.
I think it will call my implementation in PartialOrderSubset.java instead of the original definition in PartialOrderSubset.tla but it didn't work. Is there anything wrong of my settings?

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