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[tlaplus] Unbounded CHOOSE while using Standard Module Reals


In the context of writing a DRAM controller spec, I followed Lamport's procedure described in "Real Time is Really Simple", which consists of using countdown timers to model my timing constraints.

I added a type invariant predicate to check type-check my timers (see below) and I am initializing them with 0. But TLC gives me:

Attempted to check if the value 0 is an element of the string "Reals".

TimeTypeOK ==
    /\ cmds_lbtimer \in [Banks \X CMDS] -> Real]
    /\ arvl_lbtimer \in [Requestors -> Real]
    /\ chsl_lbtimer \in Real
    /\ now \in {r \in Real : r =< maxtime} 

Why is this ? Is there something wrong with the standard module Reals?


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