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Re: [tlaplus] Finite state machine diagrams

On 11.02.21 12:52, Isaac DeFrain wrote:
I vaguely recall that TLC provides graphviz diagrams of "counterexample" behaviors, i.e. a minimal sequence of states which invalidates an invariant. (It's entirely possible that I'm making this up... confirmation would be great, but isn't necessary.)

Either way, I have a finite model which I've checked exhaustively with TLC. I'd like to generate a diagram of this model to help myself and others better understand the behaviors. Are there any tools for achieving this goal? Granted there are 5491776 distinct states so I don't know how helpful it would really be, but I wanted to ask anyway.

Hi Isaac,

running TLC with "-dump dot /path/to/a/file.dot" will dump all states in dot/graphviz notation to /path/to/a/file.dot. For large state spaces, Gephi or Cytoscape seem to be the most capable viewers. For smaller ones, xdot gets the job done.


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