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Re: [tlaplus] Initial state doesn't satisfy type invariant

An update resulting from experience: I was able to define a set of partial functions as I hoped, but found that in non-trivial models, the cardinality of sets of partial functions quickly exceeded the size that TLC was willing to enumerate. Instead, I wound up using this as a type constraint to achieve the same goal while keeping TLC happy:

  Nodes,                                \* The set of nodes in the graph.
  Labels,                               \* The set of edge labels.
  EdgesOf,                              \* The labeled out edges of each node.
  StartEdges,                           \* The labeled starting points.
  IsGoal                                \* Whether a node is a goal node.

ConstantTypeOK ==
  /\ Nodes # {}
  /\ DOMAIN(EdgesOf) = Nodes
  /\ \A node \in Nodes :
        \A label \in DOMAIN(EdgesOf[node]) :
           /\ label \in Labels
           /\ EdgesOf[node][label] \in Nodes
  /\ \A label \in DOMAIN(StartEdges) :
        /\ label \in Labels
        /\ StartEdges[label] \in Nodes
  /\ DOMAIN(StartEdges) # {}
  /\ IsGoal \in [Nodes -> BOOLEAN]

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