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[tlaplus] A temporal formula to specify that the value of a record does not change

Hello amazing TLA+ community,

I need your help.

I am trying to develop the specification for a system that is going to merge the records of one data source into another data source. There are different rules about how each individual field should be merged. I am trying to develop some invariants to make sure that the merging is correct. 

I am having trouble specifying that one field should actually remain unchanged from the merge. 

Here is a simple example:

DataSourceA == [ user1 |-> [ fieldA: {"foo"}, fieldB: "value1"  ]  ] 
DataSourceB == [ user1 |-> [ fieldA: {"bar"}, fieldB: "value2"  ], user2 |-> [ fieldA: {"aaa"}, fieldB: "value2"  ]  ] 

My constraints (which I would like to model in TLA+) are that at the end of the merge process:
1. All users in DataSourceB are now in DataSourceA
In TLA+: 
<>[](DOMAIN DataSourceB \subseteq DOMAIN nfmUsers)

2. If a user exists in DataSourceA and in DataSourceB, then after the merge in DataSourceA the fieldA will contain the union of the values.
In TLA+:  
<>[](\A u \in DOMAIN DataSourceBDataSourceB[u].locations \subseteq DataSourceA[u].locations )

3. If a user exists in DataSourceA and in DataSourceB, then after the merge in DataSourceA the fieldB will remain unchanged (still contain the initial value).
Here is where I am struggling, how do I express this condition?

A closely related condition would be that for all common users, if the value of fieldB is different in the two DataSources then it will always be different:

\A commonUser \in (DOMAIN DataSourceB \intersect DOMAIN DataSourceA):
    DataSourceB[u].role /= DataSourceA[u].role ~> [](DataSourceB[u].role /= DataSourceA[u].role)

Which also doesn't work, I get a runtime when I run TLC.

Is there another way to express the requirement that a field in a record should remain unchanged?

Kind Regards,
Georgios Chinis

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