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[tlaplus] Re: Safety Liveness Decomposition and Machine Closure

For safety and liveness properties S and L, machine closure means that any prefix of a behavior satisfying S can be extended to a behavior satisfying S /\ L.  There is no reason that should be true for arbitrary S and L.  For example take

   S == (x \in {1, 2}) /\ [][x' = x + x]_x

   L == <>(x = 17)

Any property can be written as S /\ L where (S, L) is machine closed.

One of the virtues of TLA is that there's a simple, practical way to write only machine-closed specs.  If you write

    S == Init /\ [][Next]_v

Then S, L is machine closed if L is the conjunction of at most countably many formulas of the form WF_v(A) or SF_v(A),  where A => Next is true for all reachable states of S.

As for the paper "Safety and liveness from a methodological point of view", I suggest you read this response to it:

   Preserving Liveness: Comments on "Safety and Liveness from a Methodological Point of View"


As explained in Section 4.3 of

   Prophecy Made Simple


adding prophecy variables can and often does produce a spec that is not machine closed.  This is the case for the prophecy variables in the examples in Section 5.


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