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[tlaplus] Re: The rules of TLA+ do not imply that 1 /= "a" ?


  This rises some more questions:

  * How is equality/unequality defined actually?

    ** What about '1 = 2' and 1 /= 2?
    ** What about '1.0 = 1' and 1.0 /= 1?
    ** What about '3.14 = 1' and 3.14 /= 1?

  As far as I know, every value is a set in TLA+.
  We just don't care what the elmenets are in 1, 3.14 etc.


  As far as I know, sets are equal if they have the same elements.
  This means, that we can't compare sets of unknown elements.

  * So what we can compare?
  * Why Len() from Sequences works as expected?


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