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Re: [tlaplus] "Final" action to check hyperproperties ?

On 31.05.20 13:52, dp.simplexum@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I can collect stats for hyperproperties, like max/min/avg value of some
> variable throughout all states with TLCGet/TLCSet.
> I can show these hyperproperties by printing the collected stats as they
> are updated.
> But I did not find a way to check these collected stats for expected
> range at the end of TLC run with TLA+ expression, as opposed to manual
> checking or using some external script to parse the output (both options
> are inconvenient and error-prone)
> Is there a way to do these checks robustly and conveniently, that I missed ?
> If there is not, what is the possibility for a feature to be added, that
> would be something like a special 'Final' action that would be evaluated
> just after TLC finished checking?


TLC's most recent nightly build [1] has experimental support [2] for
your request (has to be refactored if this feature proves useful).  The
test case [3] shows how to configure TLC to make use of the feature.


[1] http://nightly.tlapl.us/

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