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[tlaplus] Re: constructing unit tests based on tlc models (tla+ specs)

There are several ways to check the conformance of an implementation to a spec, with varying degrees of soundness and scalability. If you are interested in test generation, this is a 1993 paper I found on the subject (uses VDM specs):

Jeremy Dick, Alain Faivre, Automating the Generation and Sequencing of Test Cases from Model-Based Specifications, FME '93

- Ron

On Monday, April 6, 2020 at 4:32:33 PM UTC+1, Alex Tim wrote:
Hi all

I think its not a new idea constructing tests for models...
One deal is proving the correctness of a spec and quite another - checking that a real program (implementation) satisfies it.

Can someone give useful references to relevant publications?

Thanks in advance.

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