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[tlaplus] Re: Reproducing deadlock in TLA+

Deadlock means reaching a state in which Next is not enabled.  A little simple logic shows that, for all t in Thread, in any state in which wasVictim[t] and owner[t] are Booleans, at least one of BecomeVictim(t), AcquireLock(t), and ReleaseLock(t) is enabled.

On Friday, November 15, 2019 at 1:45:30 PM UTC-8, dmitry.neverov@g... wrote:
I'm trying to reproduce a deadlock from Herlihy's "The Art of Multiprocessor Programming" in TLA+. In the following code when a thread wants to acquire a lock it marks itself as a victim and proceed only when another thread becomes a victim. There is a deadlock here if another thread never comes.

class LockTwo implements Lock {
  private int victim;
  public void lock() {
    int i = ThreadID.get();
    victim = i; // let the other go first
    while (victim == i) {} // wait
  public void unlock() {}

The TLA+ spec is as follows:

------------------------------ MODULE LockTwo ------------------------------
VARIABLE victim, owner, wasVictim
Null == CHOOSE v: v \notin Thread
Init ==
  /\ victim = Null
  /\ owner = [t \in Thread |-> FALSE]
  /\ wasVictim = [t \in Thread |-> FALSE]
TypeOK ==
  /\ victim \in Thread \cup {Null}
  /\ owner \in [Thread -> BOOLEAN]
  /\ wasVictim \in [Thread -> BOOLEAN]
BecomeVictim(t) ==
  /\ wasVictim[t] = FALSE
  /\ owner[t] = FALSE
  /\ victim' = t
  /\ wasVictim' = [wasVictim EXCEPT ![t] = TRUE]
  /\ UNCHANGED owner
AcquireLock(t) ==
  /\ wasVictim[t] = TRUE
  /\ victim # t
  /\ owner' = [owner EXCEPT ![t] = TRUE]
  /\ wasVictim' = [wasVictim EXCEPT ![t] = FALSE]
  /\ UNCHANGED victim
ReleaseLock(t) ==
  /\ owner[t] = TRUE
  /\ owner' = [owner EXCEPT ![t] = FALSE]
  /\ UNCHANGED <<victim, wasVictim>>
Next ==
  \E t \in Thread: BecomeVictim(t) \/ AcquireLock(t) \/ ReleaseLock(t)
MutualExclusion ==
  \A t1, t2 \in Thread: (t1 # t2) => ~ (owner[t1] /\ owner[t2])
EventualSuccess ==
  \A t \in Thread: (victim = t) ~> owner[t]
Spec == Init /\ [][Next]_<<victim, owner, wasVictim>> /\ EventualSuccess

TLA spec runs fine with Thread = {t1, t2} where t1 and t2 are model values.

How to make TLA to report a deadlock when one thread wants to lock but another one never comes?

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