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Re: [tlaplus] Problem about Ad Hoc mode of ToolBox

On 09.09.19 19:14, LUMING DONG wrote:
> To imporove the performance of my Spec validation. I use two computer in
> a LAN to bulid a distributed swarm to run TLC, one is master and another
> is slave.
> During the system run, something wrong happened as the log listed
> below.   Any one can give me some hint


the warning that you are seeing should not cause the slave and master to
fail to connect.  Usually, failure to connect can be attributed to a
network issue such as the master or the slave advertising themselves
under an IP address unreachable by the other party.

You are setting the java.rmi.server.hostname property on the slave;
please make sure you've chosen the correct IP address on the "How to
Run" section of the Toolbox's Model page too.


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