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[tlaplus] Meta-theorem (induction lemma) in TLA+

I want to prove a meta-theorem (or induction lemma, tactic) for a specification and reuse it in other proofs, like Coq.

I wonder if its possible or not.

Consider the following spec:


vars == <state variables>

Act1 == ...

Act2 == ...

Next == Act1 \/ Act2

Spec == Init /\ [][Next]_vars


Then we expect the following lemma hold for any non-temporal formula "Invariant", and we want to use it to prove, say, its type invariance.

(I know its too simple. Actually I want to consider more complicated cases)

I was able to prove the lemma, but I could not "apply" the lemma to the type invariant theorem.

Is there anything wrong?


LEMMA SpecInduction == 


        NEW Invariant,

        ASSUME Init PROVE Invariant,

        ASSUME Invariant, Act1 PROVE Invariant',

        ASSUME Invariant, Act2 PROVE Invariant',


        Spec => []Invariant


    <1>1. Init => Invariant OBVIOUS

    <1>2. Invariant /\ Next => Invariant' OBVIOUS

    <1>3. Invariant /\ UNCHANGED vars => Invariant' OBVIOUS

    <1> QED BY PTL, <1>1, <1>2, <1>3 DEF Spec


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