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[tlaplus] What's wrong with the following behaviors?

I defined a array to descibe a set of  ordered  message queues.

CONSTANT SRVLET,  \* The set of resource tcfs client

  S2CMsgQ,     \* The Msg Queue of Server to Client TCFS Messages

TCFSInit ==  /\ S2CMsgQ = [Cli \in SRVLET |-> <<>>] 

Then, in a certain Scenario f the NEXT state,  I want to  append a dedicated message to each of the QUEUE in the arrary :

 /\ ( \A m \in SRVLET : S2CMsgQ[m] ' = Append(S2CMsgQ[m],[type |-> "sub notify",                    \* Send subed notify message to all  cli
                                          SubedList |-> GetValue(m)])) 

But the TlC report the folowing  runtime error:

In evaluation, the identifier S2CMsgQ is either undefined or not an operator.
line 113, col 54 to line 113, col 60 of module TCFSProtocol    .

I am really confused and need your advice.                          

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