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[tlaplus] BUG: temporal properties are incorrectly evaluated

Good day everyone.

Found a behaviour that I would classify a bug. The spec:


vars == << tmp, pc >>

Init ==

   /\ tmp = 0

   /\ pc = "Step1"

Step1 ==

   /\ pc = "Step1"

   /\ pc' = "Step2"

   /\ UNCHANGED << tmp >>

Step2 ==

   /\ pc = "Step2"

   /\ \/ pc' = "Step1"

      \/ pc' = "Done"

   /\ UNCHANGED << tmp >>

HackStep ==

   /\ tmp' = 1

   /\ UNCHANGED << pc >>

Next ==

   \/ Step1

   \/ Step2

   \* Next doesn't have HackStep on it...

   \/ (pc = "Done" /\ UNCHANGED vars)

Spec ==

   /\ Init /\ [][Next]_vars

   /\ WF_vars(Next)

   /\ WF_vars(HackStep) \* ...but Spec does have a weak fairness requirement for HackStep

GetsToDone == <>[](pc = "will never get this value")

If I add GetsToDone to the model' properties, the model passes. And it does fail as expected if I add HackStep to the Next action.

This may be cofusing even in such a tiny spec. And it took me quite some time to figure this out in the actual specification I was actually working on.

I am not sure the spec is simplest possible to manifest this behaviour. Hope it small enough to troubleshoot.

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