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[tlaplus] How to choose dedicated Subset from the original Set

I Defined a Message Buf with the format as below:

 Message = {<<"c1",{"event2"}>>,<<"c2",{"event3"}>>,<<"c1",{"event1"}>>}

Once the Meesage got by the receiver with the ID of "c1", it should only  choose the Subset with Element key as "c1".

That's just a example, the true object is let each receiver only choose the correponding Subset.

I want to write a general function to fufill the duty, but found it is very difficult.  Because the TLA+ funcion is usually used for Sequence and Tuple.

So I tried to write the following expression in the NEXT state formular
to update the receiver's state.  But it not work, TLC report error! 

 RxChoseMsg(Rcv,k) == /\ (\A n \in Rcv[k]': (n \in Message )) 
               /\ (\A m \in Rcv[k]': (m[1] = k))
               /\ (\A i \in Message :(
                IF i[1] = k
                i \in Rcv[k]'
                i \notinRcv[k]'))        

I was awaiting for the solution, thanks!

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