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[tlaplus] Which symbols need to be defined? (new to TLA+)

In page 11 of the TLA+ hyperbook, it is clearly stated that "Every symbol that appears in the module must either be a primitive TLA+ operator or else de fined or declared before its first use.". However, in the example given in the site https://tla.msr-inria.inria.fr/tlaps/content/Documentation/Tutorial/The_example.html, the symbols p and q have not been declared or defined before use. So can someone clarify how we can understand which symbols need to be declared and which do not? 

PS: The example code from the site:
-------------------- MODULE Euclid -------------------- EXTENDS Integers p | q == \E d \in 1..q : q = p * d Divisors(q) == {d \in 1..q : d | q} Maximum(S) == CHOOSE x \in S : \A y \in S : x >= y GCD(p,q) == Maximum(Divisors(p) \cap Divisors(q)) Number == Nat \ {0} CONSTANTS M, N VARIABLES x, y Init == (x = M) /\ (y = N) Next == \/ /\ x < y /\ y' = y - x /\ x' = x \/ /\ y < x /\ x' = x-y /\ y' = y Spec == Init /\ [][Next]_<<x,y>> ResultCorrect == (x = y) => x = GCD(M, N) THEOREM Correctness == Spec => []ResultCorrect  

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