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[tlaplus] A problem in expressing a step

My specification has a simple variable which is a set of elements U. Each element uk of the set U is a record with the same number of fields.

u1== [ sid |-> 1, oid |-> 1, status="started"]

Suppose that in one state U has the elements {u1, u2, u3}

I want to write a step that in the new state variable U’ has the same elements as with the previous state with only one difference. 
A specific element (let’s say u1) will change in the new state only in one record field (for example from status=”started” will go to status=”terminated”)

My current solution is 
A code example is the following (Predicate is checking u other attributes)

termUpdate(x) == [x EXCEPT !.status="terminated"]

denUpdate(x) == [x EXCEPT !.st="denied"]

Predicate(x) == x.sid =< x.oid  

Evaluate == \E u \in U:  ( 
                    /\ u.status="started"
                    /\ IF (Predicate(u)) THEN   
                            U' = UNION { (U\{u}) , {termUpdate(u)}}  
                            U' = UNION { (U\{u}) , {denUpdate(u)}} )

I want to ask if there is an alternative / better way to specify that?

thanks in advance! 

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