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Re: [tlaplus] .gitignore file for TLA+

On 04.06.19 14:10, Hillel Wayne wrote:
> I like the ElasticSearch gitignore:
> https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-formal-models/blob/master/.gitignore

This .gitignore file ignores the model checking results
(*.tla/*.cfg/*.out) which might not be desirable if one wants to keep
the history and outcome of TLC runs on intermediate stages of the spec.
 Note that the three file types are just text and can thus be
efficiently compressed by git.

If one does not want to keep snapshots and thus any history, "Number of
model snapshots to keep" on the Toolbox's "TLC Model Checker" preference
page can be set to zero to stop the Toolbox from creating snapshots.


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