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[tlaplus] Several detailed questions about Paxos algorithm

I'm sorry if here is not the right place for such question, but I didn't manage to find an online Paxos leaner group.




Does it really necessary for Paxos algorithm to handle message duplication when we already have TCP (to avoid such duplication)? If all the RPC (prepare and accept) in a Paxos group is implemented with TCP then such "message duplication" assumption could be removed from Paxos network assumption. Is it correct?


To be clear, the meaning of "message duplication" in the Paxos network assumption I understand is like below:

  When proposer1 send one Prepare(e0) request to acceptor1 then acceptor1 may receive two Prepare(e0) requests because the msg duplication problem and the response from acceptor1 to proposer1 could be 4 or even more.

  Proposer1->P(e0)->                                                     Acceptor1

  Proposer1                                         ->P(e0)->P(e0)->Acceptor1

  Proposer1                                    <-Reply1<-Reply0<-Acceptor1

  Proposer1<-Reply1<-Reply0<-Reply1<-Reply0<-        Acceptor1


Is my understanding of "msg duplication" in Paxos network assumption is correct?

Thank very much for your patience and help.

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