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[tlaplus] Re: When TLC error trace send with stuttering - what does this mean?

Many thanks   I never thought of stuttering as only occurring when a guard was satisfied that explains a lot.


If I seem to nitpicking it is just because  I am not finding debugging livenes easy. 

With spec 

EXTENDS  Naturals 


Init == x=0

Inc == x<5 /\ x'=x+1

Reset == x=5 /\ x'=0

Spec == Init /\ [][Inc \/ Reset]_x 

          (*   /\ SF_<<x>>(Inc) *)

             /\ SF_<<x>>(Reset)

where stuttering is reported  depends upon what property you ask as well as the spec itself.

with <> (x=2) it is after x = 1 but with  <> (x=4) its is after x = 3.

Consequently it was important that I stopped interpreting it to be an improvement that the spec was not  stuttering so soon. 

Does the addition of liveness conditions change the State Graph to indicate where infinite stuttering might occur?



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