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[tlaplus] Invariant TCTypeOK is violated in a simple spec

Hi All,

I'm a total beginner in TLA+ and I'm excited to learn this.
I began watching the TLA+ video lectures and toying with small specs on my own.

I'm facing a issue with model checking error. IN the below spec I expect no errors for values of i between 1 and 20. But model checker is giving error even when i = 3,4....20 giving out "Invariant TCTypeOK is violated."

Am I missing something obvious ?

Thanks in advance,

---------------------------- MODULE Counter ----------------------------
EXTENDS Naturals, TLC, Integers

TCTypeOK ==  
/\ i> 1 
/\ i < 20

Init == (i=2)

FirstHalf == 
/\ i<10 
/\ i' = i+1

Mid ==
/\ i=10 
/\ i' = i+1

SecondHalf == 
/\ i>10 
/\ i' = i+1

Next ==  FirstHalf \/ SecondHalf  \/ Mid


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