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[tlaplus] Modeling a Hash


I am attempting to model an algorithm that employed hashes to determine equality. I am looking for a way to model a has function so that

Hash(rec-1) = Hash(rec-2) <=> rec-1 = rec-2


Hash([foo |-> "bar"]) = Hash([foo |-> "bar"]) but
Hash([foo |-> "bar"]) # Hash([foo |-> "baz"])

So far the only idea in my mind is to create an additional variable to manually track rec-1, rec-2 and their "hashes" (rec-3, ... rec-n can be created dynamically, so no constant).

However, since in most implementations a hash is an inherent property of a data record, an explicit modeling and manual tracking feels like communicating the wrong idea.

Any idea how I could alternatively model an inherent hash value in tla+?

Thanks and best, Dominik 

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