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Re: [tlaplus] Sequences in TLA plus


TLA+ does not have primitives for random or probabilistic choice, but I believe that you refer to non-deterministically removing some element. Let me simplify matters by assuming that s is a variable that holds a sequence and that you want to describe an action that removes some element from s. You can do so by writing

\E i \in 1 .. Len(s) : s' = SubSeq(s, 1, i-1) \o SubSeq(s, i+1, Len(s))

The generalization to your case of a matrix of sequences should now be obvious.


On 4 Oct 2018, at 22:07, yashmeh...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I want to to have sequence returned by randomly removing an element from it. As of now I am removing the head. How can I randomly remove any one element from it? 
A' = [A EXCEPT ![p][q] = Tail(@)]

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