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Regarding opensource contribution in GSoC 2018

             I am Nikhil Shinde, final year UG student persuing Computer Science in Nirma University, India. Working\development on plugins and tooling sounds quite interesting and I would be quite delighted to contribute to your organization. I have successfully completed GSoC 2017 project for Checker Framework Organisation under Prof. Michael Ernst. I have quite experience in working with Java technologies and frameworks. I also love to explore large code bases and hope to get enough matured to deal with its issues.
             For quite time I was exploring the github  repositories and ideas of your organization. All project ideas are interesting but I was able to catch up with the following 
    proposed ideas :-
    1)  Port toolbox to e4.
    2)  Package Toolbox for Debian and Fedora based Linux distributions.

             I am quite comfortable with eclipse development platform and OSGi framework which is granularly used in most eclipse developments .I have experience of creating unix distro packages from source code.  It would be helpful to know expectation for these project so I can initiate on drafting proposal and discuss about project.

    Thanks ,
    Nikhil Shinde.