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Re: Formatting ASCII text

If you can write a precise specification (in English) of what a
"format/auto-indent" command should do, I will consider implementing
it.  However, be aware that incremental parsing of TLA+, or any
attempt to parse an incomplete spec, would be quite difficult and
anything requiring it will not be considered. 
This same offer applies to any other Toolbox editor command that
anyone thinks would be useful.

Meanwhile, you may want to experiment with the editing mode that
you get into and out of by typing Shift-Alt-A.


On Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 7:31:37 AM UTC-7, Nick Radonic wrote:

Is there a built in command to format/auto-indent the ASCII text? The "right-click + Format" looks like it is missing a sub-menu. In any case it does nothing.

I'm used to auto indentation in my IDE's .



I just loaded the environment last night. I've been reading about 'provably correct code' for years.