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Re: [tlaplus] Function domains in TLAPS

Just knowing that g[3] = 8 doesn't allow you to infer that g is a function or to conclude anything about DOMAIN g, so TLAPS does the right thing. (For example, 42[3] denotes some unspecified value in TLA+, would you want to conclude that 42 is a function?) You want to state "type predicates" for the functions that appear in your specification – typically as ASSUME clauses for constant parameters, and as invariants for variables.

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On 14 Jun 2016, at 16:09, Ron Pressler <r...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I've noticed that TLAPS does not automatically deduce anything about a function's domain from facts about its mapping. E.g., the lemma in the following snippet fails:


    AXIOM A == g[3] = 8

    LEMMA 3 \in DOMAIN g BY A

This means that axioms must be specified/theorems proven separately for functions' mappings and their domains, which is extra work. Is this an artifact of the logic (if 3 is outside f's domain, f[3] may be anything, and if I know it's 8, that doesn't mean that 3 is in the domain) or just a limitation of TLAPS?


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