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Architecture of the toolbox data

Hi everybody,
A word about the architecture of toolbox data.
I think the *.launch files are of equal dignity with the *.tla file since they document use cases.
They should be stored at the same level instead of appearing in the *.toolbox directories.
This way one can save them easily without bothering with the content of the *.toolbox
that is more temporary.
I think that an extra line of comment in those files might be used to give the overall intention
of the use case. This comment might also appear in the gui.
The launch files replace the former *.cfg files but they are less readable. I understand
that an xml file can be easier to parse but it is also more difficult to read. I think one
might want to improve the readibility of such files even outside the toolbox GUI.
The reason is that one can that way copy them, or modify them by hand or through
a regexp which can be useful
One way to improve the readibility is to remove the lines that are merely the copy of
default options to focus on important data such as the models for the CONSTANTS.