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Re: Unicode

Just using Unicode symbols to display an ASCII source would be significantly easier to implement.   Making the display read-only, so you'd have to toggle into ASCII mode to edit the module, should be fairly easy using code from the pretty-printer.   If you want to edit the view with symbols, I suggest you write a precise specification of how it should work. 


On Monday, March 28, 2016 at 10:18:32 AM UTC-7, Ron Pressler wrote:
Well, there's always the (less ideal, IMO, but still very good) option of implementing this only at the presentation layer, in the toolbox only. This is an orthogonal feature, and can be implemented regardless of whether or not SANY is made to support unicode or not (although that would require adding the option of saving as unicode).

BTW, I believe Java has supported unicode since the beginning (which is already twenty years), and a Java char is a UTF-16 character, which should support all the characters we need.