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The quantity of mathematics

The quantity of mathematics one needs to learn to a young to make him/her able
to write a specification formally is rather poor.

First you need to learn him/her a symbolism more than mathematics in fact. A stenography more than 
a theory/

Second here are all the subjects you need to develop:

a) propositional connectors and quantifiers (inlcuded "there exists only one" and "there exists at most one")
b) set theory constructs mostly the class builder { x \in A | .. } and union, intersection (not only the connectors but also their generalized counterparts.)
c) A paragraph about the fact that "if" is a mathematical operator by itself.
d) Develop the idea that a sequence is a function (as well as an array).
d) recursion.
e) inductive definitions.

I think that's all.