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Re: [tlaplus] About a Theorem in the Raw TLA

The implication


is indeed valid for any action A. Semantically, the proof is obvious from the definition of ENABLED and ordinary predicate logic. If you refer to proofs in the TLA+ Proof System, ENABLED is not yet supported [1]. We are currently reimplementing TLAPS, and one of our main motivations for doing so is to provide the basis for supporting reasoning about ENABLED.


[1] https://tla.msr-inria.inria.fr/tlaps/content/Documentation/Unsupported_features.html

On 30 Apr 2017, at 17:42, belout...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi all,

In the Raw TLA can we state the following Theorem :

Theorem : For any action A, A ==> Enabled(A)

If it is valid , How we can prove it ?. If it is invalid , let me know the counterexample.

Once again, if the suggested statement is a theorem, can we add the following inference rule : For any A in Raw TLA.

                     A ==> Enabled(A)  

Thanks In advance

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