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Re: Pcal, procedures and tests

3 - Suppose I want to develop an algorithm  with pcal under toolbox . There are several procedures. I want to test each procedure
with a model before testing the main algorithm. There is no simple way to have models that do that I think. I mean we can't have
a model that tests a procedure, another model that tests another procedure and eventually a model that tests the main algorithm.
An idea that might solve this problem. The models are kept in their own subdirectories. And a copy of the thaplus specification
is  copied in these directories every time the model is activated.
Well suppose some models can be declared as frozen. No fresh copy of the specification would replace the old one. That
way one might test a procedure (calling it in the main algorithm) and then proceed further with the specification and
once every procedure is developped with its own specification in its frozen model subdirectorie, we might develop the
main algorithm with its own (non-frozen) models.