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Toolbox builds based on recent Eclipse 4.4 (was Re: [tlaplus] How can I open .tla files in TLA+ Toolbox?)

On 18.11.2014 08:54, Stephan Merz wrote:
> Unfortunately, porting the Toolbox to an up to date version of
> Eclipse appears to be non-trivial. We hope to have somebody to look
> at the problem in the near future, as more and more stability
> problems are bound to appear. Volunteers welcome!


I have started porting the toolbox [1] a while ago and used today's
discussion as an impetus to make toolbox builds available [2] that are
based on the most recent Eclipse 4.4.

Consider these builds as highly unstable and likely to wreak havoc on
your computer. Please only use them if you know what you are doing and
want to help overhaul the toolbox. You should have a clear
understanding of how the toolbox is supposed to behave.


[2] http://tla.msr-inria.inria.fr/kuppe/e4/products/