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Re: 2016 TLA+ Workshop

Very interested in the conference! It will be announced here?

On Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at 9:31:12 AM UTC-8, Leslie Lamport wrote:
There have been two TLA+ workshops: the first in Paris in August 2012
co-located with the Formal Methods Conference; the second in Toulouse,
France in June 2014 co-located with the ABZ Conference.  We are
thinking of having a third one in 2016.  We are interested in
attracting users and potential users from industry as well as
academia.  We would like to hear your suggestions about when and
where to hold it.  Two possible conferences at which it could be
held are

   ABZ - Linz, Austria 23-27 May
   Formal Methods - Cyprus 7-11 November

However, perhaps you could suggest a better alternative--especially
for people in industry and educators.  It might also be nice to hold
the next one in North America.