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Re: [tlaplus] Mapping items from one constant to another?

The definition

Init == owner \in [ORGANIZATIONS -> PEOPLE]

describes all possible states in which each organization is assigned to a person. From the remainder of your message it sounds like you'd like this function to be injective, i.e., no person owns two organizations. This can be written as

Init == owner \in { f \in [ORGANIZATIONS -> PEOPLE] :
                          \A o1,o2 \in ORGANIZATIONS : f[o1] = f[o2] => o1 = o2 }

Now, if there are fewer people than organizations, TLC will find that there is no initial state.


On 5 Feb 2019, at 02:16, Philip White <phi...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello, TLA+ enthusiasts,

I’m developing a TLA+ model where I’d like to have two constants: ORGANIZATIONS and PEOPLE. I want to model that every organization has an owner, who is a person. I’m thinking of doing this by having a function from an organization to a person. I’d like TLA to create this function for me in the initial condition. Is that possible?

I understand this may not /always/ be possible, such as if I define my constants to have fewer people than organizations. But if I make sure that the constants are well-defined, can TLA+ do this mapping for me?

Alternately, is there a different / more idiomatic way to represent a relationship between constants?

Thank you.


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