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Re: [tlaplus] Some feedback from a new user

On 17.08.2015 03:09, Alok Menghrajani wrote:
> 2. After unziping the ToolBox
> (https://tlaplus.codeplex.com/releases/view/614836), there is a unix
> executable called "toolbox" and an application "toolbox.app". Trying
> to run the executable results in the following error: "The Toolbox
> executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared
> library.". It still unclear what this binary is supposed to do but it
> could perhaps be renamed to something else or moved inside one of the
> folders?

Hi Alok,

with its recent 4.5 release, Eclipse learned to follow the Mac packaging
guideline and now supports single Application bundles. Once we update
the Toolbox foundation to 4.5 (to appear in one of our next nightlies),
we will be able to ship the Toolbox as an Application bundle. Obviously,
the spurious "toolbox" file will then be gone too.