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Re: [tlaplus] Potentially confusing behavior of a PlusCal algorithm

Hi Giuliano,

if you look at the TLA+ produced by the PlusCal translator, you'll see that 

B1 == b1

l1 ==
  /\ b1' = TRUE
  /\ B1
  /\ ...

l2 ==
  /\ b2' = TRUE
  /\ b2'
  /\ ...

The translator notices that the await statement in l2 refers to the variable b2 that has been assigned to before, and that the _expression_ b2 should therefore be translated as b2' rather than b2. However, it doesn't notice that B1 involves b1; this would require a finer syntactic analysis than what the translator appears to do.

I had a quick look at the PlusCal manual and did not see a clear description of how exactly expressions are translated. (There is a sentence that says that the expressions in TLA+ are mostly like the ones in the PlusCal algorithm except for some changes, including adding primes.) I do not think that anybody ever attempted to write up a more abstract operational semantics of PlusCal than what is implemented in the PlusCal translator.


On 21 Oct 2015, at 02:21, Giuliano <giulia...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello, consider the following algorithm:

--algorithm Algo1 {
    variables b1 = FALSE, b2 = FALSE
    define {
        B1 == b1
    fair process (stuck \in {"stuck"}) {
        l1: b1 := TRUE;
            await B1;
    fair process (notstuck \in {"notstuck"}) {
        l2: b2 := TRUE;
            await b2;

The process "stuck" will never reach the label "Done", while the process "notstuck" will reach it.
This kind of behavior may cause confusion in a more complex algorithm and I could not find any warning about it in the PlusCal user's manual.


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