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Re: [tlaplus] LTL axiomatic system

Hi Frédéric,

the axiom system given in the slides that you point to is correct (sound and complete) for LTL. You can also find several variations on LTL proof systems, with different combinations of operators, in our book

Fred Kröger, Stephan Merz. Temporal Logic and State Systems. Texts in Theoretical Computer Science, Springer, 2008.

Hi Stephan,

I've tried to buy it. Only Eyrolles accepted to order it for me.  They needed to make it come from the USA. When
I asked for the price they answered they couldn't know because the exchange rate dollar fluctuates and at the end I had
to fill in a complete form. I had the impression to apply to a job as a civil servant. I gave up.

It is called globalization I suppose.

But well maybe I must muster up the courage to try again.