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Re: [tlaplus] Need help in debugging a program

Hi Triveni,

Assuming your line 9 is "process variable withdraw \in 1..30"

You are missing assigning a value to the process. I changed it to the following and it worked 

process p = 1

variable withdraw \in 1..30;


P.S: I have to comment out "WithdrawNotNegative ==  >= 0". Seems like you are missing some variable there.

On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 10:15 PM, <s.triv...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  When I tried to translate this program I am getting an error in line 9.please help me out this problem and here is the program

  EXTENDS Naturals, TLC

(* --algorithm withdrawl
variables x_account = 20,
          x_total = x_account - withdraw;

process variable withdraw \in 1..30;
  if x_account >= withdraw then
    A: x_account := x_account - withdraw;
end if;
C: assert x_account >= 0;
end process
WithdrawNotNegative ==  >= 0

end algorithm *)


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Maneet Bansal