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[tlaplus] Re: Deadlock reach without invocation of main actions.

There are problems in how atomic actions are defined in spec.

Take for example

LockAcquire(tx, req, tuple) ==
    /\  \A tx1 \in tupleOwners[tuple]:
        /\ HasConflict(req,txRequest[tx1])
        /\ (tx < tx1)
        /\ SetAbort(tx1)
        /\ UNCHANGED <<txActive, txRequest, tupleOwners, tupleWaiters>>
    /\ AddWaiter(tx, tuple)
    /\ PromoteWaiter(tuple)

AddWaiter and PromoteWaiter should be different actions. From initial state
it is not possible to get an execution trace which satisfies LockAcquire action.
AddWaiter says that in the next state `tx` will be added in waiters of `tuple` but
PromoteWaiter expects that `tx` is in waiters of `tuple` in current state by usage of
tx = Min(tupleWaiters[tuple]). 

Correction : But there is no transaction to promote as tupleWaiters[tuple] is empty.  PromoteWaiter
is evaluates to FALSE for any state transition (s, s') where s is initial state. Hence  it is deadlock

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