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[tlaplus] SANY command-line -- how to include other libraries?

I'm trying to mix and match a few emacs/TLA modes together such as Christian Barthel's nice command-line commands probably placed behind a transient porcelain with Davidbrcz's lovely treesitter-based highlighting.  My needs are minimal, which is good (my raw TLA+ skills don't need more than the very basic, but I can't break out of emacs for editing; I use the Toolbox for actual TLC and everything else, just like the pcal translation and SANY check within emacs).

I've run into an annoyance though--if I use external modules such as the community modules, I can set them to load and be used in the IDE, but the command-line of SANY doesn't see them ("Cannot find source file for module Functions imported in module..." etc).

Looking through the SANY source mostly confused me.  I tried adding a " -DTLA-Library=path/to/CommunityModules.jar" which didn't help either.  Is there a way to munge the command line to add the community modules/deps jars to CLI SANY?

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