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[tlaplus] PlusCal issue

Can you please clarify this issue for me?
i have a small test code:
(*--algorithm test
variables   x = FALSE,  i1 = 0, i2 = 0;
process clock = "clock"
        i1 := i1+1;
        x:= ~x;
    goto ActionClock;    
end process; 
Basically, it is alternating variable x and counts iterations.
I have a similar process for i2.

That is, what I have as a translation to TLA:
ActionClock == /\ pc["clock"] = "ActionClock"
               /\ i1' = i1+1
               /\ x' = ~x
               /\ pc' = [pc EXCEPT !["clock"] = "ActionClock"]
               /\ i2' = i2

why i2 is not listed as UNCHANGED << x, i2 >> ?
if I would remove x:= ~x;  from pluscal code - i2 appears in 'unchanged' section.
Does it somehow impact other code able to perform in parallel and impact i2?
thank you very much in advance
Sincerely yours, Andrew

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