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[tlaplus] simulating a crash in PlusCal

I'm writing a spec about a file system in PlusCal:
* my global variables represent various data structures, both in memory and on disk
* my processes represent various components of the system, internal threads, user threads etc.

In order to simulate a crash, I'd like to do the following:
* clear all data structures according to how the crash affects them (e.g. in-memory caches are emptied, but on-disk state remains)
* re-initialize affected data structures according to how the recovery procedure works
* reset affected processes to the beginning

Specifically I have a question about that last point:
1) Is it sufficient to simply reset the 'pc' variable to the first label of a process?
2) What about procedure call stacks? (I don't have procedures currently, but I might)
3) What about process local variables? (Currently they are always initialized before being used, so I don't rely on their initial values in the initial state).



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