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[tlaplus] timers

Hello everyone, 
I`m trying to understand if I can emulate some timers with TLA,
practically, i would like to study some requirements like 
'if A stays for 200 ms'
in the context of some other triggers depending on time.
There is a nice book 'Real Time is Really Simple' by Leslie Lamport, but when I tried to rewrite the proposed example with TLA+ toolbox, I  found that Real numbers are not really supported with TLA , yet mentioned in the book (btw, it is interesting if code sources for this book are available somewhere..).

for example, here is the Tick definition:
Tick ==  \E d \in Real: d > 0
            /\ \A t \in Thread : ubTimer[t] > d
            /\ now' = now + d
            /\ (ubTimer' = [ta \in Thread |->
                            IF ubTimer[ta] = 2147483647 THEN 2147483647
                                                     ELSE ubTimer[ta] - d])
            /\ (lbTimer' = [tb \in Thread |-> Max(0, lbTimer[tb] -d)])
            /\ UNCHANGED << x, PC>>
Can you please tell me if I can substitute Reals with Integers without losing consistency? Also, with \E d \in Int TLA reports, that i`m using uncountable definitions....
And, in general, is it possible to implement a timer reacting at the exact time?

Thanks for the help in advance 
Sincerely yours, Andrei

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