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Re: [tlaplus] Experience report: unicode-first spec writing

I don't really think I'll ever need to code in unicode symbols, but I'd find very useful some way of exporting the pretty-printed unicode spec from the generated pdf to a word processor. Right now the only way of including a pretty-printed spec in a document is either taking an image capture of the pdf or appending whole pages of the pretty-printed pdf to the pdf-ed document.

On Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 8:35:27 AM UTC+1 Karolis Petrauskas wrote:
For me, that's a really nice way to read the specs! This way, you
don't need to spend time converting the spec to latex/pdf.
But I would prefer to write the specs in ascii. For me, it's faster,
and there's no need to think about which particular Unicode arrow is
the one I need.
It would be awesome to combine the pros of both approaches.
Maybe the ligatures can be tweaked a bit to keep spacing at least to
the level the and/or aligning is not broken.


On Mon, Nov 13, 2023 at 3:37 AM Andrew Helwer <andrew...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'll talk a bit more about this at the community meeting this week on Tuesday the 14th but thought I'd also send this out to the mailing list.
> I am currently on a paid contract to write a TLA+ spec. I wanted to make it look professional, so decided to use unicode symbols as much as possible in the presentation. In fact, I decided to make the unicode version the source of truth, converting it to ASCII as needed so the java tools can handle it. I am using the Neovim editor. There are three additional tools I use in my workflow (shameless plug, I primarily wrote all three of them):
> The tree-sitter-tlaplus grammar, which parses all the unicode symbols and provides good syntax highlighting; this has first-class support in Neovim via the nvim-treesitter plugin, and is also used to highlight TLA+ specs by github itself
> TLAUC, a rust command line tool that translates specs from unicode to ASCII and back while maintaining conjunction & disjunction list alignment
> A TLA+ plugin for Neovim, consisting of a simple Lua script auto-replacing the ASCII symbols with their unicode equivalents as you type. I made an asciinema demo of this that you can watch here.
> So far things have been working quite well. It really is a pleasure to see all those beautiful math symbols, and it certainly enhances spec readability!
> I would say the main drawback is you really need to know your TLA+ syntax. The tree-sitter grammar is not good at reporting syntax errors (it wasn't really made for that). This puts you in a bind, because in order to translate your unicode spec to ASCII so SANY can check it for errors, you already have to have the spec in a parse-able state. This is because TLAUC uses the tree-sitter grammar under the hood and will refuse to translate the spec if there are errors unless you use the --force parameter for a best-effort translation. TLAUC will also only be able to tell you the rough line numbers that errors might occur on, no other details.
> One unforeseen quasi-feature is that since the tree-sitter grammar is also used for highlighting, you can kind of catch syntax errors as you type by noticing that the highlighting is a bit weird in some areas. Certainly much less helpful than a language server, but the experience is otherwise quite good!
> Hope this was helpful and others try exercising these tools, submitting bugs feature requests etc. You can see the unicode equivalents to all TLA+ symbols here.
> Andrew Helwer
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