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[tlaplus] Strategies to avoid exploring symmetric combinations in non-model values?

Let's say that I have a set of integers, and I totally need them to be numbers and not model values so that they are comparable and I can perform arithmetic. Eg.: 

Vals == 1..5
Tuples = Vals \X Vals \X Vals
with (t \in Tuples){

But then in my particular problem I know that <<1,2,3>> is equivalent to <<3,1,2>> and <<2,3,1>>. Is there some way of filtering Tuples so that I can avoid exploring the two latter equivalent cases? Ideally the solution should scale to long sequences, not just 3 elements.

It would be nice if I could define a set of symmetric values in the model overview form.
Or if I could define an external generator coded in Java that I could plug in into the spec. That way I could keep track of already generated states in the Java code and only return non-equivalent combinations.
Or maybe have TLA+ accept some external file that I could generate with a programming language of my choice.

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