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[tlaplus] Surjective functions as records

Hi all,

I can filter a set of functions to contain just the surjective functions like this:

{m \in [1..2 -> 3..4] : \A j \in 3..4 : \E i \in DOMAIN m: m[i] = j}

yielding the expected result:

{<<3, 4>>, <<4, 3>>}

When I try the same filtering with surjective records:

{m \in [a: 3..4, b: 3..4] : \A j \in 3..4 : \E i \in DOMAIN m: m.i = j}

the following error message is displayed:

The `Evaluate Constant _expression_� section�s evaluation failed.

Attempted to apply the operator overridden by the Java method
public static tlc2.value.impl.Value tlc2.module.TLC.PrintT(tlc2.value.impl.Value),
but it produced the following error:
Attempted to select nonexistent field "i" from the record
[a |-> 3, b |-> 3]

What is the reason for this different behaviours?

Advices are appreciated,

Siegfried Bublitz

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