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[tlaplus] Set vs Functions for modelling


In last few specs that i wrote, i naturally start with using set of records for variables like set of files. Then i hit the problem that i need to deduplicate these sets based on key field of record.
e.g. for set: {[fileId: Nat, cleanupTime: Nat]}, when i insert {fileId:1, cleanupTime: 2} and {fileId:1, cleanupTime: 3}, i don't want to have 2 items in set but only one. I want set to look at `field` fileId as key for set.
Is this possible ? From my search, i could not find this.

Then i move to using sequences and writing AppendIfNotPresent(s, x) functions myself.
I realized that since sequence is a function, can i create a function [fileId |-> record] ? and then updating same fileID can't insert 2 records.
I believe someone already thought about this. What are cons of this approach ?

About using function, I got stuck at initializing variables with an empty function in pluscal. How do I create an empty function ?


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