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[tlaplus] A CHOOSE+TLC conundrum

TLC successfully verifies the X_Never_2 invariant below. I think it shouldn't, but I wouldn't be the first person to misunderstand the semantics of CHOOSE.

---- MODULE Test_Choose ----

X == {1, 2}
Y == {"a", "b"}


F(x, y) == (CHOOSE f \in [X \X Y -> X] : TRUE)[<<x, y>>]

Init ==
    val_x = 1

Next == \E y \in Y: val_x' = F(val_x, y)

Spec == /\ Init /\ [][Next]_<<val_x>>

X_Never_2 == val_x # 2


If it's not clear, I'd like TLC to check the spec for any choice of F with the appropriate domain/codomain. Obviously I can work around this by introducing a state variable for F and defining the Init predicate appropriately.

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